food trucks and a happy tummy

I love food. I love food from carts. I love food from trucks. I love food in any way, shape and form. Except red sauce. Red sauce can go away! Along with baked chicken, tuna fish, lemon flavor and peas. But no need to worry, the 2012 Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest catered directly to my taste buds (no peas or red sauce in site). 

Located at the Ohio Historical Center colonial village, over 35 local food trucks offered their tasty treats while we ( I mean, me) shopped the many Ohio art and craft vendors, drank beer and listened to live music. Bringing focus to the Ohio Historical Center and the local mobile food movement in Columbus, the food truck festival was what I called a perfect Columbus Saturday afternoon with my partner in crime. 

(Side Note: If you have never been to the Ohio Historical Center or their colonial village, get in your car now, drive down 71, take exit 115/117 (Fairgrounds) and do yourself a favor and go learn about your city and state. You won’t be disappointed in what you learn. Ask Graham, he loved the Norman Rockwell special exhibit we went to a few years ago! Upcoming exhibit – Controversy 2: Pieces We Don’t Talk About.)

Now onto our food truck adventures. As we walked into the festival we made our very first pit stop and probably most important pit stop of the day. We purchased our beer tickets, had our I.D’s checked and were decorated with drinking wrist bands. We were now ready to eat our way through the festival.

Beer in hand, first stop Pitabilities:

Graham and I decided to share the traditional Greek Gyro. Gyro connoisseur we like to think ourselves and hearing good things about this food truck (it frequents my work during lunch) we were PUMPED to give it a try. Let me tell you, we were not disappointed. Extremely fresh and made to order, the Gyro was the perfect size, seasoned well and easy to eat with the checkered flag wrap. Graham had a really hard time sharing – typical.

Don’t miss out on this gem. It’s worth the $7.00 for a Gyro! Next time the Buffalo Chicken Gyro is mine while Graham snacks on the Teriyaki Chicken Gyro. Overall rating: 8/10

Next stop: Ray Ray’s Hog Pit:

Being our friend Chris’s favorite truck we knew we had to try the famous BBQ we have heard so much about. $6.00 for a pulled pork sandwich, Graham and I decided to split this messy meal and see what had stolen Chris’s heart. 

The meat was tender, juicy and smoked well. My favorite part was the BBQ sauce and Graham’s favorite part was the bread. You figure that one out. 

Mmmmmmmmm BREAD!

Mmmmmmm BBQ sauce!
All in all, Ray Ray’s was good, but will not be a staple in my life. Sorry Chris! Overall Rating: 6/10

After sharing two main meals, it was time for a side. Off to Tatoheads we went. 

We ordered ourselves the fresh cut fries, cajun style with horseradish ranch dipping sauce for $4.00. The fries were AWESOME! It will be an addition to my death row meal (if ever needed – joke!! Perfectly made, seasoned to perfection and the sauce, oh the sauce, I almost cried a tear over these fries and sauce. I love fries and these were delicious. I cannot explain to you, so I will let my overall rating speak for itself – PERFECT 10! Find Tatoheads NOW and indulge.

Couple photo time! Pure happiness after FRIES! Say it with me: FRIES and BEER, FRIES and BEER! 

Ok, I’m focused. Since we had tried many food groups already, we needed to round our food pyramid out with tacos and cupcakes. Next up, Junior’s Tacos

$4.00 total for 1 beef taco and 1 chicken taco. We doused red and green sauce on each and were ready to indulge. 

Now, Graham and I love mexican food. I am guilty and will admit I have buried my feelings in a basket or 3 of chips and salsa so our hopes were high for these two little tacos. Corn tortillas made perfectly (perfectly I say because I hate corn tortillas and I LOVED these), and the meat was cooked and seasoned well. Even the garnishes were awesome and the red and green sauce was the perfect topper. We really liked these tacos and I think you will too. Overall rating: 8.5/10.

Even though the food I have described above was tasty and filling, we needed to offset the savory and in some sweet way. Say hello to Sweet! The Mobile Cupcakery.

For $2.75 per cupcake, we asked the baker what she would recommend. Billy Idol and the Buckeye cupcakes it was. 

Rick, decadent, fluffy, moist, and beautifully decorated, this cupcake is probably one of the best cupcakes I have ever had. I was shocked. I didn’t think it would be possible as I have had some REALLY great cupcakes before (hi, DK!). Graham loved his too and even made those “mmmmm, this is soooo good” noise as he was eating. I’m guilty too. I couldn’t shut up about how good this cupcake was. Look at it, this picture does not even do it justice. If you see this truck driving around do yourself a favor and get a cupcake! Overall rating: PERFECT 10!

Successfully stuffing our faces and over indulging, Graham and I had a great time at the food truck festival. We were happy to finally take the time and try out some Columbus food trucks and see what all the fuss was about. I will say, food trucks are where it’s at. A little pricy, but overall totally worth it! Here’s to our next food truck adventure and yours! Cheers from a very happy tummy 🙂

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